Specialists in Electronics & Wireless Solutions

Specialists in Electronics & Wireless Solutions

Specialists in Electronics & Wireless Solutions

Specialists in Electronics & Wireless Solutions

SellNet LLC
Trusted Source for All Things Wireless Since 2003

Who Are We?

Who is SellNet?  We are a team of experienced Online Sellers specializing in the consumer electronics and the wireless industry. A trusted source for all things wireless, we have a significant advantage and knowledge of the the e-commerce world.

Over the years, we’ve worked, and continue to work, with Fortune 500 companies and companies of all sizes, specializing in the liquidation of overstock products and inventory to provide EOL (end of life) services and other valuable solutions.

We are able to liquidate your product at the highest price, and at any quantity – large or small.

We have been in the electronics business for over 15 years and pride ourselves in being committed to environmental responsibility. It’s all our world, so all products that can not be reused, or refurbished are always recycled.

Reach out to us to find out how we can customize and craft our services to suit your needs.

Our Services


We have multiple ecommerce brand partners selling through online channels. We are committed to offering high-quality products at very competitive prices. Our warehouse has extensive inventory of cell phone accessories, headsets, camera accessories, navigation products, computer accessories and software. SellNet strives to be the one-stop-shop for all things electronic and mobile. We source only the highest-quality products, so consumers can shop with confidence to be brands they trust.


We provide e-commerce fulfillment and drop shipping services, as well as logistical support for companies of all sizes. We allow clients to sell products without expensive warehousing overhead to provide a larger variety of products to customers. We take care of everything from the shipping arrangements (no minimums with a variety of shipping options) and product safety in our secure warehouse.


We have the technical expertise for competitive cell phone and electronic device refurbishing, cell phone and electronic device and repair solutions available to companies of all sizes. Our services are ideal for cell phones and electronic devices that are currently out of warranty.


We provide EOL Solutions to manufacturers, distributors and other companies. This allows for our clients to recoup the maximum amount from open box, damaged or customer returned products, one stop reverse logistics solution, extensive testing to identify working products suitable for resale, prepare products for resale to secondary channels, recycle products not suitable for resale per EPA regulations.

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